These ladies talk about bringing the Brownies and Rainbows to the park - but not as often as they would like to - picnic tables, improved playgrounds would be helpful - swings for the older kids... They really enjoyed the pageant in years gone by - and how the brownies and rainbows were involved. The cafe is a good addition - but the flower beds are not as well looked after as they used to be. Would like to see more flowers that are suited to our region. Could do some conservation with young people and children, teach people gardening skills, plant sales etc... 

More things for the children like the nature trail - encourage them to be in the park more - like the fairy doors... Get kids to interact with the park environment more. 

OK, so that's a recording. Um, So I guess the first question would be Do you do you all use the park fairly often, Or you regular users of Longford Park. As a group, we have used the park. We pass, Um, the rainbows and brownies we've done, uh, nature trails in the park, and we have gone to the pets corner, and we've actually done our own teddy bear picnic in the park as well

And in the summertime we have is the adventure playground, which I went to a couple of weeks ago with the Monday night group that help out with occasional. I find out the swings weren't there anymore. Oh, yeah, They took them down

Yeah, so it was a bit disappointing for that. I suppose there would have been so much for the girls to do. No, no, they were on the little roundabout thing over the back

And then, obviously, the aerial slide. And I think they were on the climbing frame as well. Yeah

Play sports in the park as well. Just, you know, just outside here. Right on the ground

Yeah. Yeah. Thank you

Yeah, yeah, I'm just thinking like, you know, the gardens with all the trees and so on around when the frog pond is around. And then we all like the one that we end up on, like with all the rocks that you So did you say you did a nature trails with that? We do. Right? Right

Um uh, So which areas of the park would you kind of think would be best to go to if you were thinking of taking a group of rainbows for brownies? I like the flower garden, because then you can use the grass set to have, like, picnics and stuff. Yeah, um, years and years and years ago, when Stratford pageants around the brown and guides and that part in the pageant as well. So the use of the pageant in the park, it was good, because I think we have stones at one

And is there anything that would encourage you to maybe take girls more? Yeah, if there could be anything changed about the park, or I think better playground facilities there and what they've got at the moment. I mean, I know it's good at the moment. I don't know

Maybe I don't know much more, which is in the bottom, maybe more picnic bees or something as well, so families can enjoy it more. The girls can sit around and picnic table. You know, there's enough the nervous parts for us

There wasn't enough picnic tables there for the girls was last time we went. We all sort of hobbled on some more. I think there's more like wooden things you can sit on now

So, yeah, so that's the kind of the older kids play part. We used to take the rainbow. Yeah, the brain would be It wouldn't

Yeah, OK. Is there anything anything else you'd like to say about the park? I use the the cafe park. Your husband and I go there quite a bit, which is very nice

It's a shame the gardens are as good as they used to be. They are getting better. But I can remember the house

We have firework displays here as well. It's at the the gardens with the flower beds, but you can see they are being improved. There seems to be a lot more care, but I suppose I kind of think it's money they need to do it

You know what would you like to see in the gardens that isn't there, I think flowers that to this region. So you've got, you know, like a region. Because if you go to, like, the new place in I don't know if you've been there

Not yet, but I like to Yeah, you'll see the sort of things that are nice. And I think you can do a conservation adults and Children, you know? So this is how you can pass. This is why we do it

And you can just do that, like, on a nature trail or even in the garden so that you can actually say. Oh, well, this is how we've grown this this is what we've used And in sales, right? Yeah. And that would raise money to buy more things

Yeah. I don't know. Something more for the Children

Like, I know we did our own child, but there was some activity along through the park that kids could do. OK? Yeah, to kind of encourage more. I mean, not like that

Like they had kids. And then you put them back as you go along with other people to get involved, So yeah, that sounds good. and they have, like, messages on them

That sounds like a good lockdown activity. All right, well, thank you. That's super

All such off now..

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