Remembrance Day… The South Africans fought side by side by their brothers from Rhodesia.

I am airing my views on the subject that I have watched and listened today, the 11th of November 2012. It was an ongoing subject, very touching, and well organised as everything went smoothly except in one area of which I found the error in the tongue of the commentator. I hereby to say it out as it touched the core of my roots, a place where I was born. Did I feel good, offended, or insulted? I had bitter feelings over it, yet I feel if I were near the commentator, I would have asked to make an immediate correction. I felt he deliberately did, to provoke some people.

The matter is based on today’s subject the Remembrance Day in UK, and the same day is equivalent to Heroes Day in Zimbabwe, where we remember those who scarify their lives for good causes. Here in the UK, they will remember those who lost their lives in the first world war 1, 2, and many other wars that the Britain had been  or was involved and it included the common wealth countries who fought side by side with Britain during the first and the second world wars to defeat Hitler soldiers and their allies

I know a very close relative on my maternal side who was recruited when he was a young man and went  and fought in North Africa, in World War 2. He fought against the Hitler soldiers. He had his own story to tell and amazingly today was one of the days. Unfortunately from all the representatives of common wealth countries, Zimbabwe was not included although we have an ambassador here in UK. I only heard of Zimbabwe of in the tone of colonialism, of which I wondered whether young people and millions people would have recognised that the country mentioned as Rhodesia is Zimbabwe.

It wass here when I quote the commentator when he spoke of different representatives of common wealth countries as they laid down their wreaths on the unmarked grave. He said: “The South Africans fought sided by side with their brothers from Rhodesia. I felt insulted that this commentator he preferred using an colonialism name over our country, and he could not remind the audience that the same country is now known as Zimbabwe. After 32 years moved on, he still decided to use the colony name. What a nice a name?



You have made a simple error here, Zimbabwe has never sent troops to fight for/with Great Britain. Those volunteers in both the First and Second World Wars, and in Malaya were all Rhodesians, even the native troops were in the Rhodesian African Rifles. The reason the name Rhodesia is used is because it is historically correct, not because of anything to do with colonialism.

And the reason the Zimbabwean Ambassador is not in attendance is not because he is not invited, but because he refuses to attend the event. Probably because he, like all Zanu-PF, see those who fought for Britain as traitors not the heroes they actually were.

Finally, you may like to note that Zimbabwe is no longer part of the Commonwealth, thanks to your President withdrawing from the body.

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