Hello fellow hothousers - uploading my praise efforts since I will be away for the next (unfortunately two) sessions. I hope to be able to check in, so do comment and crit if you've a mo. Sorry to be missing out, catch up with you all in feb :)
In Praise of Time
Draft 1
the great healer, the forgiver
the source of our tomorrow, our future
the home of hope
our happy ever after
contained within
and when its present face
reveals a rent of terror
it sows its thread and stitches into past
pain is dulled and scars knitted over
woven fast
when wasted, no regret smells as sharp
when shared, each moment tastes more sweet
it folds a distant laughter
whispered near
where dreams begin
but when our latest breath becomes our last
it’s time we have to thank for all that’s passed
20th January

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