I wrote this 2 months ago in freezing February. I enjoyed writing it - it only took 10 minutes to do so.

Thanks for the summer God
was there something I missed?
It's so bloody cold and freezing now, and the POW has gone out of my life
winter blues;
and whites, I don't like snow.
Thanks for the Summer God
I'm not blessed or blissed, just messed up.
Summer skies, summer sky blue and Sunday, lots of children laughing
natures jackdaws fields and fun.
Yes, thanks for the summer gone, God
there was definitely something I missed.
A 'taste' of nirvanas would do not the thing itself
the whole shanghai, if you will allow.
Yes, the now and POW and power of now has definitely been missed, omissed, omitted
My hope is pitted.
The autumn has long gone.
The brown leaves torn from trees in bitter, soulful wind
ripped away the summer's warmth
yes, god,
all those leaves all those new griefs of SAD
have long ago decayed.
My optimism has been tried and tested, frayed.
rotten and stupid and brown and smelly is reality.
stormy greenhouse effects gales that DRAG on you, are like a wall of air
yes, brown, smelly black leaves and dog-shit
dropped leaves recycled until next May...
My co-author in cultural studies, Dr Helen Graham, said my poem was '' not bitter but wistul. Correct.
I liked writing it, it was therapeutric release and subtle humour, that prevented depression

My co-author in cultural studies Dr Helen Graham, said it was ''not bitter but wistful.''


She is one of the most positive lifeloving, life enhancing  people I know

Copyright Milan Buddha Ghosh January 2015

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