'Blog us a poem'. Tis a reply to that (request).
Didn't think I'd do it
Peers of the realm may these days lie more easily in their beds of a Sunday morning ...
Instead of worrying what the Papers may or may not say
They're now free for more excruciating play
[An oldish joke goes: Daddy!! Daddy! you're in the news!! (Good News) (Bad news - it's the News of the World)]
Other item: Not in verse, bear with me. Was taken with the Cameron story; DC, he loses his bike leaving it outside the store - nowhere where I read did they say he locked it. That's another thing. He said anyway or thought (on record) he wouldn't see it again. An Elder chap proved him Wrong.
If he's elected, D, to higher office and faced with insoluble tangles, I wondered whether he'd remember this chap who's good at sorting out his problems. You've borne with me thanks. Need to rev-up on the 'ordering': typing up the verse bits I have and own.
thank you much

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