Paulius (he/his) is telling about life-changing things which he hopes will not be ever the same because it brings joy to people’s life. Hear his story (in English).

Hey, guys, I'm polo from Lithuania, and I wanted to share my thoughts about covid and how it changed my life. So, um, first of all, uh, when it just started, I actually thought that, uh well, it won't be a big thing that we'll be in quarantine for a month or a few, and then we will be back to normal. However, um, Well, after a few months of quarantine when it was extended, uh, well, I understood that, Um well, we're in this mess together and that it will change our lives. And it did, um, from apart from all the bad, negative things from covid, there were some positive things as well

First of all, um, I started to like the nature even more because, um, I spend more and more time outdoors. I went to, um, far away places to, uh, keep distance from people. I also learned how to work remotely because, uh, before covid, uh, well, we tried to do it, but it was super difficult

But during these two years, uh, within our company, we learned how to work remotely, and, uh, all the employees can do it now and, uh, actually myself, I'm working from Thailand now, even though I'm working with Lithuanian. So, um, that's a positive thing that, uh, changed in my life. And in general, I think, uh, the whole perspective of, um well, travelling and, uh, working remotely, um, changes because more and more people can do it, uh, from anywhere in the world and, uh, be based somewhere else because work from home is is easier when everyone adapts to it

So, um, yeah, these are the things that, um, change. These are the things that I see differently now. And, uh, yeah, I think, uh, even after covid goes away, and I'm sure it will

Well, I hope it will, in in a year or so, Um, when everybody gets vaccinated and and we can beat the virus, But the remote work and the remote work routine hopefully will stay because, uh, well, it's enjoyable. And, um, it increases your e effective and and, um, well, in general mood, because you can be in, uh, cool places and still work as you do as you would do it from home. So, uh, yeah, that's it


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