Talking about parks. 

Do you ever use a park? Yes. Uh, we used to go park, which park? It is nearby. My house. It's the same park park

Brilliant. And what do you like about the park? I feel pleasure. And I feel like a healthy, healthy feeling comes in me when I go to park and sit in a green environment and in a fresh year and when in the during the covid it was restricted to go in the park and we were like a prison in the inside the house

So when we enjoy in the park so much, sometimes when there is sunshine we used to go and have some fun. And it's look like a picnic there. And we enjoy there with our family and friends some time if they have time to spend with us

And And I used to go park for jogging for walking, and I enjoy there to see the squirrels and birds and flowers. These things fascinate me, and I enjoy this. This thing makes my mind feel calm and cool

All these things I feel in the park. That's it. That's beautiful

Thank you. Um, do you ever use long foot Park long foot park. What type of park it is

So it's a very big park. Kind of, um, that way. Have you never heard of it? Uh, Long park is There is a What is the name of that park? Nearby School

Victoria Park. Long. That's That's the park in the roundabout around the roundabout that his name is Long Park

Ah, yeah. Once we went there, my son had some school sports event there. So we went there and there is a nice park

We spent time there. We walked there. It was good

And that was it. Easy to get there from your house. It's not easy

It's not a walking distance. But we can go by car and park there and went inside there. Yeah

Is there anything, um, that could happen at the park That would get you to use it more so the the one Because, to be honest, we went, We are not currently went there because it's away from house and we have two parts near to our house. So when we want to go to park, we used to go to park and park many times. That's why we went there

Only once when we when my son had and he went from his school. Then that's it. We never went there

Brilliant. Thank you. Is there anything else you'd like to say about using outdoor spaces? It is always a pleasure to use outdoor spaces

And when people get bored inside the house, he wants to go outside and enjoy the nature. It's a relaxed feeling. Yeah, yeah, it's good for every age of people

Older, younger Children, everybody. It is a good source for relaxing body, mind and soul all around. Are you are you?

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