Longford Park - a Resident of the parks perspective

Hi there, Catherine. Um, I understand that you've lived in Longford. Lived in Longford Park, actually, for quite a long time. Right? Right, quite a time

Yeah. So you'll know the part really very well. Very well

Yeah. And what are the things about Longford Park that you like most really, I really love, um, going through the I. I love it all

I love it all, but I love, um, walk going for walks around the park. I love walking through the, um, gardens and, um, sitting at the cafe, sometimes having a chat with friends. Um, one thing I really enjoy, I think it's a bonus of living in the park that we get to do is when it's snowed, um, at night

And there's no one else around or first thing in the morning. And it's a sort of bright summer's day or even on a clear winter's day. And the mist is just on the ground just going for a walk when there's like hardly anyone else around

And me and Mom do that sometimes that's really nice. Um, but I think pets corner is somewhere I've always visited with, um the Children. When they were little

And now, if I'm in the park walking with friends and my friends have got Children, we go past pets corner and everybody stops and looks there. And there's just so many features in the park. It's kind of hard to name, just one specific thing

But yeah, yeah, um, are the things that concern you about the park, you know, are there any things that worry you or, um, yeah, that you, you think are not done very well or you know, any negative aspects to the park, I guess living where I live, there were the hardest thing, Um is the traffic for the athletics and issues and they've been really good lately, um, with putting sort of cones out to stop. But sometimes it's it's so busy and sometimes people just inconsiderate. And there's not always things that the athletics people can do about that, but it it's kind of the biggest issue the car parking area there, you know, because so I mean, in the past, we've had our gate blocked and our driveways and things like that, Um, and sometimes it's just inconsiderate parking

I think, um, that would be my biggest problem. Really. I mean, at times it's been worrying because it it get it's been dangerous at times

Um, but whenever I to be fair, whenever I brought it up or addressed it with, um counsellors or with anybody, they sort of deal with the situation. And the athletics club always try and act. Um, but the people who were visiting don't always come and move their cars or things like that

But, um, there's not really any other aspect that that concerns me. Right? Right, Right. And in terms of, um, we have a lottery bed obviously coming up

Um, are there any impro real improvements that you would like to see in the park? Um, I think just a continuation of the work that's already been done, the good work that's already being done with the planting and the gardens. And, um, you know the trees. We are losing a couple of trees

I think, um, and putting those back, um is really, really important. Um, and I know about the trees along the edge with rye bank fields, I think making sure that they are protected because they're really important for sort of tree heritage. Point of view, I think that's really important

Um, and definitely sort of upgrading that whole stables and long bar area. I would say, Um, have you got Have you got any ideas for that? Anything you'd like to see there, or, um, yeah, I do think a community space is a really good idea. Um, I know the cafe is doing really well

Um, but something that's not a cafe, but something I can't think of anything sort of specific, but something that different groups could use or could be hired out. Maybe not really expensive. Um, and playgroups could take place there

Or, uh, you know, if people had a book club or places where a bit like things like that, where or if somebody had an initiative that they wanted to run, You know how sometimes, um, exercise classes take place within the park Or if it was something else, something that maybe somebody had an art class that they wanted to run or, um, something like that could take place. And they would use that space for that and pay just a small fee for the for that, um, I'm just saying art, but there's, you know, I don't know cake decorating cookery, Any any kind of things. Yeah

I'm not talking about sport. There's a couple of sport facilities there, and there's that already going to the park. So I mean, maybe yoga, but there is a you know, that could again possibly take place in the gym at the stadium

I don't know. Yeah, yeah, yeah. But some other community things that would appeal to a wide range of people

Maybe, Right. Right. Are there any other things that worry you about the park? Any sort of concerns about how it's used or not used, or, um, I think we got it

Could be a little bit better lit sometimes. Um, especially in the evenings, when after dark people walking through and I walk, I said, you know, But that will be with I'd always walk through with another person after dark. Um, that's the question again

Well, you know, it was really about anything that worries you about what happens in the park or what doesn't happen in the park. Um, there are, I worry. Sometimes there is some

It's a It's a difficult one because it needs to be a balance. It's nice to have the big open spaces. But I worry sometimes about the safety and security, even in the daytime

And sometimes it's, um, for for young people, really, or people on their own. Yeah. Um, what do you think might sort of happen to them, Do you? Well, no, I just from my experience, my son, um, a group of friends were, um they were in the park, a group of about 20 of them on the big field

So the other end away from people because that's why young people want to be. It was a day time. I think it was a weekend

It was in the summer. Um, and it was a few years ago, though, but they've been out to the shop, Um, and some a couple of lads that followed them back in. And, um, before the smaller group that had gone after the shot kick reached the bigger group, the ones that followed them in staff basically attacked them

So then, um, they managed to get away, and they all ran away to safety. But that can It's hard because there needs to be a balance. And I don't know how you would stop something like that

from happening in an open space. So I suppose it's about more people being around, you know, more people being around and and people having community responsibility and people feeling empowered to step in as well. I don't think people always feel that even if they were walking past and they might just think it was kids joshing, you know, having a you know, and actually not realising the the seriousness and that it wasn't a fun thing

It was a serious situation. And he groups weren't known to each other before or whatever. I think, Yeah, I don't know

So any other sort of ideas, then for the future? Yeah. You said lighting. I think that's really important

You said, um and the use of the community space would be great, I think. And And anything else you want to add before we finish. Can't think really something

I'll probably think of things later. Got back to you. And they called me again

Yeah, but that's fine. Great. Ok, well, thanks very much


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