I'll hire you as my publicist when i make it...
Here's the poem i won the competition with...
touch me feel me
delicate buds
of candyfloss
I have soothed
torn skin
drank the fever from sodden brows
seen the heart torn
from living souls
until their eyes
no longer reflect
a spark of light
my softness stretched and taut
on the wheels of
spinning jenny’s
that worked me
endlessly remorselessly
day & night
until they had manipulated
my milky unblemished flowers
into the warp & weft
of misery & servitude
painted my face
transformed me
into something other…
I have dressed the bed
for my mistress
In flaxen sheets
of finest cotton
smoothed over the crimson gore
of an awful lie
yvonne mccalla 6/2/2008

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