A reflective interview with a young person exploring their thoughts on outdoor spaces in their local community as part of the CONTINUE & Longford Park City of Trees projects.

So, um, are you aware of any local outdoor spaces around where you live and do you access the park? What sort of stuff? In the park, Uh, like Children play. I'm not. So is there anything that you think is missing in the park? Is there anything that you think should be in the part That would mean that you'd use it rather than using it to cut through? Well, it's mostly like, what does Please, just think about like and there's like, walking space if you wanted to go for, like, a walk or something. But I would tell any of that, Like, um, right? They don't They don't

Yeah, that'd be pretty cool, actually. What sort of stuff would you put in an adult play area on the park? Yeah, it does sound a bit wrong. An adult

Oh, whatever you say is gonna and and and big play. So a kind of thing. Would it be really, really, really big Excited? Yeah, that'd be pretty cool, actually

And there's always a zip line, but it always gets broke, I reckon, with the little kids. So I reckon, a high like a treat, like a high top zip wire thing. That'd be really good

That'd be cool. So maybe we should Maybe we We're onto something. Maybe we need to go and dragons

So there's the park near you in terms of outdoor spaces. What outdoor spaces or what? Things might attract you to an outdoor space. Why might you use an outdoor space? Yeah

Yeah. So adrenaline type things. Things that make you Yes

Two. Um, I'll stop now, OK?.

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