Gwen and David would be able to see a landscape with foreground , midground and background.  This is a scene of trees and hills.
Karen can see things in close forground and everything else is blurred.  This image is of two people in the foreground shown in conversation.
Julie can see a little out of her left eye and nothing out of her right.  This image is of a mantelpiece.
Emma has black blindness.  The image is of blackness

These images show simulations of our eye conditions.  Emma is black blind, Julie has optic atrophy/Wulfram's Syndrome, Karen has diabetic retinopathy and cataracts, Gwen and David have no visual impairments.

We have all just completed our Community Reporting course as a team.  It has been good fun and challenging, our tutors Rupert and Jeremy have been wonderfully supportive.  We have each tried to convey what it is like living with a sight impairment by using our experiences with roadworks in Crook, County Durham as our backdrop and our storyline.  

Our equipment and software has been standard but our ways of telling our stories has been highly individual.  The simulations of our sight impairments in these photographs have come about by experiments with using everyday objects such as tissue paper, elastic bands, paper cones and plastic bags to make filters to put over the lens of digital cameras.


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