I didn't get to the African Oral Poetry Class but did look at the work and had some attempts which i'm not entirely sure of. Maybe there is something here i could work with.
here goes!
MY FAVOURITE PIECES? FAMINE, love the humuorous treatment of a very serious situation. BLUE GREY BULLS for reasons already touched on by Martin & others and ZEBRA. lOVED THE LINE
'One on which the eye dwells all day, as on the solitary cow of a poor man'
says so much in such simple language.
ok. my pathetic attempts...
You stand at your mother’s bed
You brood on words unwrapped
numb with loss your countenance
You are redundant of joy
under bowed heads accept
the unacceptable
you misconstrue meekness
I am just a realist
they are survivors
sequins of hope
still sparkle
at the skirt of this cloud
I Remember laughter
spilling over your threshold
I remember it licking
the lips of dawn
I remember golden nectare
undulating pools on paving stones
cleaving to passers by
warmly sweetening the day
I remember your laughter
could I forget?
how could I forget?

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