Or just very short poems. Actually I'm interested in at what point something becomes a poem and my way of investigating this is to write poems that if they were any shorter wouldn't be poems. The question are what makes something a poem, and also is it possible to agree that a piece is or isn't a poem? I have a feeling some of what I consider poetry other people wouldn't.
Of course, you can cheat a bit with the title telling you what you need to interpret the poem (virginity storyboard 13, below), or setting up the space for the poem to occur in (nobody dies); will have to write a series titled one, two, three, etc. and see how much more work the line itself has to do.
Anyways, if anyone's interested in contributing here's a couple to kick off with. Are they poems?
virginity storyboard 13
known as an eskimo kiss, or an inuit. the script
prefab, mostly from tipp-ex.
nobody dies
the shadow of her plane as it crashed overhead

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