Dialogue interview focusing on co-production.

I've just started recording. If you could just tell me your name and then something about yourself. And I love music. Love to learn singing and dancing

And I'm very good in listening. I'm a very supportive person. I will help others to create the idea into action

Perfect. And, uh, we've been at the coproduction festival today. How have you found the day? The day, the production from the art

It was amazing. You know, I feel I belong in this kind of group, which was last days. I belong to the art group, and each and every table were exciting

Amazing. And I love poetry, which I'm learning. And one of the teacher who was in charge, I said I would ask my kind of go up to bring the whole team downstairs

And we created this poetry in our own and see that was designed to read 1st, 2nd, 3rd, when we did that the worst kind of event. I think you should have this a repeat. Yeah, you should do it in a six months time

Well, they'll definitely be one in 12 months time, But I'll I'll see if I can bring it up a bit. Um So how did the, uh, poetry and art classes make you feel? Makes me feel happy? Makes me feel I'm learning something because I wanted to learn how to write a poetry. And this was very good how she was teaching us

And I'm also in a poetry class. That's great. Now, um, the body goes over, all the pain goes over, all the stress goes I'm sorry

I was OK. So, um, were you interested in coproduction before today? Yes. I knew about the co production, but today I could see coproduction in

I saw one guy who does the co survey, and I saw other guy who is. He does music, and he is interested in scores in classical CD recordings. This all big co production of the art and craft and artist most of the time who were here were all artistic people

And how does co producing something with other people? And I'm guessing a lot of the people you work with today You didn't never met before. I never met before. I met some of the people who did some event in a co production one event

But how did they feel? Really Nice. Really nice. Um, we need this in Birmingham

We need this kind of group in Birmingham. Is that what you think is missing? Really? Then yes. This is missing

In Birmingham, there is a big gap. I give you an example. I was doing interviews for all the organisation who are applying for a grant

And I told anyone who can get on the music. Big Gap. But when I when I came here, I said, Oh, see you

It's very good the way the layout was very, very east east, kind of even with music, music artist, all kind of artist. You know it. It was a very like warm space downstairs, wasn't it? You know, I have a sister who is a dancer, actress and choreographer in India

So I look in India in London and she lives in London. So I'm going to give her details to you so you can invite her. She is

She is this kind of person, which we were downstairs. So I've got one last question for you. Uh, how would you How would you describe Co-production to a friend who's never heard of it before? To a friend, I would use an example

Co-production is I said, Let's you, me and some of your friends, your neighbour who get together and let's have an idea. And let's decide what you would like to do that is coproduction like example. It just came unknown

People met them for the first time and everyone was interested in poetry. And the teacher said, Write something down, Right? So we wrote something down and it becomes such a beautiful poetry, something that you couldn't have just done with one person. Should I read it out and read it? So she says, Write one word And my first word was and first poetry came

Number one was Art is love hap happy in the brain. Art is low, happy in the brain. A personal celebration of a soul connection Art is an emotional journey in the brain

Art is success. You feel worthless. Art is success when you feel worthless

Wow. Art is emotional. Journey

Art is, um, conflicted. Prop art is, uh art is big scum. SUCC UN B to Jo to man two

Yeah. Oh, no. I succumb to joy

Yeah, art is art is success when you feel worthless. Art is success when you feel worthless A personal celebration of soul art is to scrum to joy To melt to de scrum is SRCCUMB That's the word And then again the last word they used was Art is low The beginning art is low and is art is low And then you know my friend who loves food Uh I don't know. My teacher was really laughing and she said, Coffee is happy Coffee Drinking coffee is happy

Coffee makes you happy. I can't argue with that I. I need it to keep awake in the day

I love coffee. It was very nice. It felt so happy

Have you got any more You'd like to say about today or any questions? The reason I choose art is love She said Who do you who do you feel You are So you draw a heart And then you did the heart sign Sign sign sign sign Then it become art is love But that one is a Hindi song So I sing it It's in Hindi, you know, hard to want to learn, right? I'll explain to you in the email. Ok, well, PP means every minute you're living near my heart you are living in my heart. And when I'm breathing when I'm breathing, I can smell you The heart and the breath

So gentle, gentle, gentle sa sa means sauce. It's beautiful. Thank you

No, that was It can be offered to any faith, God or gods Or to a friend. Or to my father. Anybody you know

No, that was fantastic. So I like to think this. What is it called? The title Co Co production co production

Not another co production production. Thank you. Very nice

Thank you. I hope you enjoy it. We will

We will be in touch if if if we're doing it again. Up here. I had met your friend

They were going over. I says, My God, you know me. How come? And he took my email, you know, because I was invited to Birmingham City Council and I was doing interviews with City Council for Grant giving

This is nice. Very nice. Well done

I can't take much credit for it personally. No, no, no. It's the whole team

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you

And thank you. Everybody who took part. You were all great

Lovely. Thank you.

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