Not being very good at following orders, I tried a praise poem to my GF & it came out slightly wrong, more like a dark love poem, but there you go. Got another one coming tho...
not even removed my coat.
Goosepimples prick my arms.
Can’t look in your eyes.
Might see me.
My teeth chattering nonsense,
pull my hat down tight.
Can’t afford to lose
body heat. Precious.
Can’t take off my gloves.
Last time a woman touched me,
got frostbite.
I will not sing when I look in your eyes.
Can’t take off my scarf.
Windchill might choke me.
But if I exposed my tattoos of hot suicide girls,
if I could dive bare into those dark pools,
I wouldn’t shiver, my teeth would still
& together we might sing
like the earth’s last sunset

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