365 Days a Year
Shirine and her Daughter Right

There are 365 days in a year, 365 days full of myriad images, images we see from a variety of angles and perspectives, all in turn influenced by our changing moods. A beautiful morning can seem melancholy and barren if we are feeling depressed. A rainy day, inspiring and joyful when our spirits are soaring.  Could you produce a drawing of one of these images every day for an entire year? This was the idea behind Yum Yum Drawings Art Exhibition held at ACAVA Maxilla Art Studios, by  Shirine Osseiran and her 7yr old daughter Hayat.

The exhibition provided a myriad of images, interlaced with the thoughts and emotions of Shirine and Hayat. Both contributed a daily offering capturing a moment in time, images created of external realities and the internal feelings of mother and daughter. Stimulating warm images of domestic life and engagement with the passing hours.

If I had an issue with the exhibition it was one of volume, there was too much to take in and some of Shirine’s obvious talent and Hayat’s ingenuity got lost in the crowd. Still an interesting idea and an engaging exhibition.

Yum Yum Drawings an Art Exhibition at Maxilla Art Studios 4 Maxilla Walk W10 from 25 April to 4th May 2017.



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