That book i 'borrowed'(I did, I really did!) from the library shows elements of praise and the oral tradition, well once poetry is spoke , it becomes oral, (not true Martin?), so this is an old praise poem, RSVed into oral. what you think? I was also trying trying out the rhyme scheme thing but I don't think I was very successful, I gave up towards the end-sorry!
Is. a dream
An easy dream
Delightful on a lazy day.
Beautiful eyes. Let me lounge.
Gladly lying eternal in this sleep.
Let me.
Is. a tree
A graceful tree
Grand in a buoyant field.
Wonderful hair. Let me roll
Gladly skirmishing your fragrant mane.
Let me.
Is. an eagle
A majestic eagle
Strong gliding in a blue sky
Graceful beast. Let me fly
Gladly soaring with you, the winds.
Let me.
Is. a river
A raging river
Strong. rushing to face the sea
Splendid man, let me swim
Gladly submerged under your will.
Let me.
Is. a man
My man
Worth writing, loving, fighting, dying for
Deeply, widely, everything.
Beautiful, wonderful, graceful, splendid man. Let me be
Gladly moving to what rhythm you beat
Let me.

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