Here's the start of my short story with a migration theme:
"Joshua, dont forget, your friends and family will be here shortly. I need help with the food." "Okay Missy, just going upstairs to tidy myself up I won't be long." Joshua leaves the smell of chicken and rice, akee and saltfish infused with basil, bay leaves and thyme. He gets to the foot of the stairs and suddenly stops, because there is one fragrant smell that he never wants to forget, it is his wife's beautifully scented perfume. He turns around, goes back in the kitchen and stares at the woman he has loved since their schooldays, as she manoeuvres like an ice skater on a rink, gliding from the plate cupboard to the spices cupboard, then skilfully glides back to the cooker. to reduce the heat."I love you Marlene". Marlene turns slowly and gracefully like a ballerina, and acknowledges her husband."Joshua are you ok"? "Marlene I leave for England tomorrow and i'm going to miss you so much".

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