Matthew talks about where he lives 

mhm only. So if you click that little button that says that's okay. No, William. So high

Matthew. Do you just want to tell me a little bit about what it's like, where you live? He started the, like, living with my friend, and I would be going out walking and later going to the seaside, going on day trips. I also like, like having lots of good food partying mhm me a bit about your parties

We have good parties when we have no birthdays, like discos on that I have the DJ at a discount. And you like DJ that Yeah. Yeah

And you get to invite all the people you have, all the friends come. Or is it just for people? Just a house? Just the house. Yeah

Yeah. And how many of how many of you are there? 88? Yeah. Do you get on with everybody? Yeah, yeah, yeah

I can see Broadly smiling. Yeah. So do you Get to go

You go on, you go out on trips and stuff with them as well. Yeah. And what about the people? Who who who support you? Matthew? Tell me that Well, they will be jobs there? Yeah, they will be providing me, too

So below the er to do. Make sure we keep hearts. Now

I said clean. Mm. Yeah

And the cook falls as well. Do you get involved in doing the cooking and the cleaning? I gave up with the clinic because a few of the time we switched jobs with little surface. You need to do the cleaning

Mm. So you have a road to do you if you get Yeah, yeah. Yeah

Well, if you don't want to do it, mhm. Or is that not an option? Not an option, Not an option. So that's good, But do you enjoy doing it? Yeah, yeah, yeah

Looking after your place cleaning. And what do you like cooking? I don't do a lot of cooking. I've only ever helped bacon once a K course and chocolate cake

Well, I baking cookies. Yeah. Oh, Cookies

Do you like cookies there? Yeah. It's cooking. It's cooking

Not a favourite activity for you that you know. It's not mad. Taxing

Know what things do you enjoy doing? And I'm looking at the back for crying. Playing on the Xbox, playing fly, watch YouTube. I like listening to music

Good shot, kid. A homing. And can you do those things, Matthew? When? When you want to

All we have to do that when the stuff of free or when? When? When they're free or when they took time, Right. That's because sometimes be always favourable because you know the stuff sometimes. So does that mean you can't do things? Sometimes When? Yeah, when the poorly

Or if they're not? Well, yeah, but the free stuff you get to the subtle, beautiful figures. Yeah. How does that make you feel? A bit bored when you got nothing to do

Yeah. Yeah. Does that happen very often then? Not Not often

Just just sometimes. Yeah. Yeah

And what about what about going out in the going out to places and in the evenings and things to get to get to go out very much. But I do like I go on walks, go to top its local time. I got shot it out

Sometimes I have to do that. And I also see the moment Dad a woods we'd also come out with with the approach that Yeah. And do people come and visit you at your home? Yeah, my mom and I go and visit to uh oh

Uh, yeah, yeah, that's good. Is there anything else that you particularly like about where you live? I like the dark stuff. Mhm stuff always lies to me

Is there anything you don't like about where you live? Right? The house? Yes. Destroyed or vandalised or rest or mhm. And who is that? Who does that one of the service uses? But I can't know you would

Yeah. And how does that make you feel? Not nice to see things go broken are thrown War Mhm. He had done with last chairs tables

We had tables broken by chair Blokhin. But you got to start our What does it feel like for you to live somewhere when that happens? Not nice. You have to Also we can talk about a banquet for one

You have to be replaced as well. Yeah, that must be quite hard. Is it scary? Yeah

Yeah. Is there anything else you want to say, Matthew? Mhm. No cola outside

I'm going to stop this, recording them for a second and then we'll see who else wants to talk next. But that's great. Thank you


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