Kayleigh is not local - she has come to the park a couple of times by bus from Hulme - particularly to visits pets corner! She talks to Mash about what she likes.

Well, hello, Kelly. Thanks very much for agreeing to talk to me this morning about Longford Park. Um, I wondered, Yeah, how often you've been to Longford Park and whether you live nearby and I live in. So I, um I'm not just a walker away

It probably take me about half an hour, 40 minutes if I was to walk here. But it's only a few minutes on the bus, and I've never actually been here a lot. I've only visited a couple of times

Um, but I do really love the animal corner. I think it's really lovely to come and see animals in the park. It's not, um, kind of in where I live

We've got little parks around, but there's not anything quite like this. Yeah, I was walking up before, and I saw, um, What's the thing called? The people play golf? Yeah, I thought that's quite interesting. Yeah

I mean, we're very lucky. That's that's come about and there's somebody that leads on it. And in the in the pandemic, you know, in the lockdown, people have really got into it

Quite a lot of people absolutely, really appreciate it. So yes, it's it's very much valued by some people now, not me, but we want to try and get our our grandchildren, our granddaughters to do it. And then perhaps to show us how to do it

Yeah, that's it. Yeah. So? So you've been two or three times

Yeah. And it's mainly the pets corner that you actually like. I really like it

I saw some of kind of, like the heritage, um, structures that are over there, you know, kind of the older structures a bit further over. I thought they were quite lovely. I think that there was a bit of graffiti on it, which is the best

It was really nice. Yeah. So, um yeah, so as as well as pets Corner

So that's obviously a real draw for you. And I'm talking to you at the cafe at the moment, so obviously you appreciate having a cafe where you can meet friends. Um, is there anything else that you particularly, you know, think is good? Yeah

I think it's good. The amount of people that I have every time I've been there's always been in the park. And so it it's a great space that locally people can come and everyone can be outdoors, especially after lockdown

Everybody appreciates the outdoors a lot more don't. And in summer I'm sure it's going to be so much nicer. Yeah, yeah, that's that's absolutely right

I mean, it is. It is. It's lovely at different seasons, really, To be honest

Yeah, it certainly is. And looking around and and, you know, having been here a couple of times. Do you think there are other things that would draw you more to come more? Or do you think there could be any improvements that would, um, make it better? You know, more attractive to people to young people like yourself? I don't know if there's anything more

I think I think it's It's a lovely park and everything you know that's going on. Even I just like coming in and watching the dogs. My dog passed away in January, so it's quite nice just coming and seeing other people walk their dogs

And one thing that I I I think, could be improved, Though, um, I was walking along, probably not paying enough attention, and nearly went into one of the potholes. I think that would be one thing, wouldn't it especially because we've got Yes. Yeah, yeah, yeah, that's true

That's true. There's there's some infrastructure, things that really need doing. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I saw

They're doing some work. Is it on the scout? The scouts building? Yeah. Yeah

Scouts have been here a long time. Many, many, many years. It's really cool that it's located

I know it is. It is because it means that they've got they've got exposure to lots of, you know, lots of nature. Really? Yeah, yeah, yeah, I think that's the main thing

I think I've got a bit of a thing about potholes anyway. But yeah, I think that would be my love life and anything else that would draw you, you know, to the park. I don't know

The time that I used to go to the park would be me and my dog. And I just like walking around, you know, with my dog. That's enough for me

That's good. Thank you for your time. Thank you

I hope it helps.

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