Marcin tells us in his own words how volunteering makes him feel.

OK, right. Thank you, Martin, for being with us today. Um and I'd love you to tell your tell us about your volunteering experiences. Thank you very much

Yes, we Cooper, more or less. I start to work together, and this is great. It was great time spent together because I always I've always wanted do some voluntary job When I came to UK

I'm originally from Poland. So sorry about my language, but will be never, never perfect. But I try my best

But I came 40 years ago to UK. I was thinking about how I can improve my language and I find it some voluntary job. So my first experience was with blind people

It was something it was different work for me because my my background is from IT office job, and, uh, this experience of blind people learn me a lot. Uh, these people show me how different work could be, how they are happy. And, uh, how I meet

I am sad because quite often these people couldn't move alone. They are blind, but they're so happy. So they different

They show me different, different words. So it was amazing I spent with these people. Five years

It was a great time for me. I read I learned a lot. I learned that the biggest value which you which you, uh which you can offer to other people

It's time. Time is something which you doesn't matter of. Money you can buy

You can't. So I learned I learned a lot After five years, I enjoyed a different voluntary job and find it. You and, uh, I met amazing people

I decide separate people with IT experience and, uh, have them do basic things. How they can use laptops, mobile phones, how they can set, uh, Wi Fi at home. And everything was great

So I recommend for everyone start a voluntary job and enjoy life. Perfect. Thank you very much

Thank you. Thank you, too.


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