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Lucy talks about her experiences of living in Tile Hill

Hi. This is Agnes doing some community reporting. I'm here with Lucy. Um, Lucy, can you tell me about, um, a little bit about where you live in Hill and the experience you've had while whilst you've been living there? Yeah, Um, the part where I live

Um, I feel quite safe in, um but obviously, I grew up entirely. I quite like since I was a toddler. Um, and I know that there is some parts that I don't feel as safe in and with having three Children myself

I, I don't tend to let my Children out just for that reason, Um, like I said, where I am now is it's not so bad. But if I delve deeper into Ty Little, then no, um, feel a bit unsafe. What do you think can happen to make parents feel that it's a bit safer for their Children to go out? What? What needs to happen? What can they be put in the community? Um, I would say, like a youth club, because when I was a child, we had a youth club and, you know, a lot of his kids used to go there, kept kept everyone out of trouble, and it was a fun place to be

And we used to love it there. And I feel like now there is nothing like that now. Really? Yeah, there's nothing around for, like the youth to kind of do today sort of thing

Do you enjoy the like where you live and you know, like like you said, you feel safe in the area And do you enjoy where you're living At the moment? Yeah, where I am, it's I do feel safe and, like I've had no problems. But again, it's just it's only a short walk away from where problems do occur. So you kind of worried that might come towards your home or something like that with the young Children, that absolutely makes sense

That's lovely. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts with us and and everything like that. I really appreciate it

Thank you..

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