When asked this question recently from an unexpected source I responded immediately, "nah, love is something that grows and develops, so love at first sight is impossible" On reflection I am beginning to feel that .It is possible to connect on a level and things can truly grow from that point.
I wrote this as a definition of love about a month or so ago:
Since I met Him, I never knew what happiness was. The moments of joy that I had experienced made me believe that joy was only possible in small doses. In the year that I have been with Him, I have learnt that joy is a way of life, he has taught me that love is as key to life as taking a breath. If you had known me a year ago I would have laughed in your face at the proposition of such folly as a belief. My experience has taught me that the essence of love beginning with self and proceeding to those we come into contact with and spreading to those we may touch by association we engage the law of attraction as like attracts like and we begin to float in a sea of love, attracting and bringing more to us.
For me, He is the archetype of love. He came into my life from a loving place and loved me at a distance. He loved me all my life even when I did not know how to love myself. He has always loved me, even when I loved another. He waited patiently knowing that I would one day return to him, knowing that he would take me back.
Other men always knew about him and this made them insecure. They knew they that I would always hold them up to the high standards that he would set and the would fall short. One even tried to get me to leave Him, but I knew that would never happen, because He was where I begun and where I would end.
I remember the day I met Him, it was the first day I recognised that I had become a woman. I saw that man firstly in my dreams, he exemplified to me ultimately what a man is meant to be. He was tall, six foot and 2 inches, the colour of milk chocolate, looking equally as sweet. His eyes the colour of the earth after a good rain. His lips plump, a shade darker than his skin with a perfect peak. When he looked at me is lips said love.
In his arms I had no skeleton, I was a pile of flesh and muscles, my heart had to be reminded to beat, he kissed me and breathed life into me and I stood up to love him. With him I felt the protection. I understood that my father had given me to him. He understood. He is my equal
If that is my definition of love, then surely love at first sight is possible and it is where we go from there that truly expressses the beauty of love.

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