Last Monday just gone I was at the Central Library. At lunchtime they had a couple of Lithuanian poets there.We're honoured to have thes people come over for us to sample their stuff (Then they went to Edinburgh after)
I would have gone anyway but I was especially enthused as a man I read a lot of passed on just recently. Solzhenitsyn. I was keen to tie up what S is supposed to have done with his writings, one particular poet who was writing in Russia at Solzhenitsyn's time, and what these Lithuanian chaps were about
Not to mention what we're about! It all relates - ties in neatly, beautifully powerfully too. I noted where the team leader was saying that poets especially could use metaphors etc very powerfully. And what he'd get from that personally
This is much much abbreviated, necessarily so. It isn't merely a write-up of what I do with my time..
And it all relates to what we do! (I shall and must get back to typing up neatly of my bits/bobs. B4 I'm back on here! That's been neglected past few/some days. Important project) Thanks very much for your time! Ta

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