Linda talks about Tile Hill's green spaces and her roots, as well as the importance of intergenerational communication in a community.

Well. Hi, Linda. Hi. Hi

What do you like about living in Tyle Hill? I love how green it is and how spacious it is. I love the sense that there's a community here. That's the main thing

And my husband comes from tall, so it's part of his roots. And it's become part of my roots in the last couple of years, you know, it's become part of me, and I've really I'm really liking living here. Most of it

Oh, that's great. And what is it you don't like? And what would you like to see change? Well, a bit more communication between generations. Really

Or I think it has got a community feel about it, but I think it's been a bit lost with with covid, I think, like everyone went to retreat it into their little homes. I live in the flat here, and no one's really come out after that. And, uh, even before it was, you know, it wasn't

There's a lot of people live here, and there wasn't much meeting. Yeah, yeah, yeah. So? So people could meet up somewhere so people could meet up maybe a game of bingo or, you know, just something so that we can have a shared interest

And just to meet up once a week or something or, you know, we also don't feel we've got a voice about anything. You know, uh uh, and I did try to get in touch with councillors and MP S, but it it wasn't successful, and then I'm working. I've just finished my job now

I was working, so I was too busy to do anything. But I have got a passion for it, you know? I want it to be it feel more like a community, right? Yeah, that's great. So if we had some money to spend, where would you like it spent? Well, partly on that

I mean, I think like intergenerational work has worked in other areas, like, you know, befriending, um, different generations, befriending different age groups, for instance, I think like, um, because I, I feel for the young people mostly, I think, um, young people have suffered, um, the last few years, and they don't have those basic life skills. And I think you can get that by befriending an older adult. You know, to share that, build up that relationship and share that

And you know, I think we used to have, like, I used to go to my mom's friend's houses when I was a kid. And that's how I learned. Uh, and now we're very isolated, and I think that we should become more united

So anything that encourages that that I'd be really up for that. That'd be great. Uh, a meeting place would be great

You know where people met every week, you know, and put on different things. It'd be great. Right? That's lovely

Thank you, Linda. OK.

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