My second  Life -  experience story is from our client from  Accles- Salford who use also Visible Outcome Work Club.  The story is about   how our client struggled to get scholarship for his two son and  even himself find it very hard to get a job.

I would like to state that, as a Volunteer with Visible Outcome - Work Club,  it is a privilege to work with people from different nationalities and everyday, I learn quiet a lot  from them.  The Migrants and Refugee bring in UK a rich and diverse cultural experiences, which manifest through their Social-Economical d academic life here in UK.  

Mr. Pervez  who come from Pakistan, told me that, he could not find work, because he lacked UK based experience and his qualification from Pakistan needs to be accredited and certified before being accepted here in UK.

  When Mr Pervez ,  came  to Visible outcome   , he requested us to help him on how he can have access on job- search information and and scholarship information for his two sons.  His sons could not get financial support through main stream government department  because of  immigration issues  and the interpretation of the  visa,  he obtained from Immigration office.

 Visible Outcome has a good working relationship with Helene Kennedy Foundation and we asked Mr. Pervez if we can help him to fill in Scholarship Application.  After the assessment, we immediately helped him to fill an application.  Due to limited bursary offers; their applications were not considered this time, but we advised the family to come back and try again next year for the next in take.  The Foundation exits to overcome social injustice by providing financial bursaries, mentoring and support to disadvantages students from the further and adult educational sectors.

The visible outcome also helped Mr. Pervez to apply for a post of Housing officer at Salix Home Organization on time. He is application was not successful but he is determined to continue looking and applying for more jobs.

According to Mr. Pervez Job center is not helping Minority to access mainstream services, such Training and job opportunities. He felt that, part of the problem may be that, people have little knowledge on where to go or how to look for information.  Visible Outcome goal is to empower and help Minority group in Salford ( Refugee and Migrants) to change and improve their life holistically through Integration program. 

Visible Outcome works is not limited to Job search only, it helps clients to get better accommodation( house search).

Finally, Mr. P. said that, the difference between Job Centre and Visible Outcome is that, at Visible Outcome, the Team members are willing to listen and establish an understanding of your root – causes, which in return help them to give a client a comprehensive support tailored to your needs

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