Les talks about his experiences of living in residential care. 

Yeah, so Hi, list. Do you just want to tell me a little bit? About what? Tell me a little bit about what it's like, where you live. It seemed like everywhere. Really

My behaviours just happen anywhere. That's why we are in a home like this, because everyone is different. But I do agree with other people like it would be able to can get nine time to time

It happened 24 7. And so Yeah, mhm. But like, I got no does at this moment

So I free to go out every day when I want. I got to be backed by shutting time now, but yeah. So where do you go when you go out? Mhm

Good. Like to my club when I go to or do what I want to do. Really? Mhm

What's that? What you enjoy doing and karate and blackmailing Carty Majestic club. I'm assistant coach in that. Mhm

And then I go to touch. I understand that one. So you said you you would change and I made a second coach and I was there

A personal coach took someone as well. That's that's good. Yeah

I'm sorry you were going to say something else there, and I I've got a little bit of a delay on my screen, less so I'm not. I'm not quite sure when you stop talking because it goes quiet, but your band still moving? And so yeah. What? What do you like about where you live? Yeah, Um, not much

Really. Like, I think they are. Like when I heard lots of people, people talk about what they do

The rules sometimes what I don't like a room for one has been ruled for all mhm. And they come down. They need to be

Comes after, not followed the rouge. So be. But about the fourth onto one person like me when I had Covic and I have been my room all the time, I am not allowed to eat with everyone else

They're not allowed to mixed in with everyone else. Even if it were to meet us, I have to be puff away. But so now he's got quite a bit

But then let her come out, Let her come outside the and then outside. It's about that. So I don't know, because what kind of plan stays? He got to be watched by the eaten or they're going to do that, too

Wind me up. Or what about that? Because, like me, I always stage. But when you go home, you can follow what the law says

Mhm. And But when we at home, we have to look at what the law says and we have to follow what the politics say, Yeah, they've got stuff to tell us what the policies are. Then when we get called out for not following the policy, Yeah, the one time I asked him, What is the policy for this? But not not nothing do with you that stuff

But when I say that policy, I get to talk again. I'm not a policy. Mhm, but I think policy child bit

We need to know, Is it policy for seven years? So we need to know about it or the shafting, and we don't have to follow it. Mhm. Well, that's really hard, isn't it? How does that make you feel less when they say that it goes like it didn't matter? Because we can't live a normal life if we have to follow the policy like the policies, he says

Oh no, you can't like to help people you don't like to be. Got to be away from to meeting with people. Well, then the law says you can do what you want

Mm. And it's just very hard when you can't bother you at all. Mhm

You think there's different rules? Is there that the impact on wages, like care homes? Like he code or my home, Especially a care home. So it guidelines Government guidelines are different than the law. Yeah

Yeah, and I think it was, in fact. Mm. Yeah

So it's, um that that sounds that sounds really hard. Do you get much say lesson? How things work where you live no more? No. We always get target the management in the head office, but we don't get told with one issue

I'm sorry. So you're talking to me. We're back with, um so you don't get told who makes the decisions

You just get told the decisions have been made. Yeah. Would you like to be more involved in how the decisions are made? We would like to know

Um I like to know best. Lee, there are things change we like to know and why they're doing it. and because of that

Really? Yeah. Yeah. How does it feel being part of the All Stars group? Less Okay, Because we could make some, like some changes from head coach

What we don't like what rules? They've been put in place to help us get through the management, then, Okay, I am in wrong. Fair enough. Mhm

We retained it better. Mhm. Do you think Do you think that's important? Is that you feel like you have space to say what you think and how you want to live your life? Yeah, Kind of like, end of day

This is my home, eh? Not service. It's not a care home For what? I home where we live. So really, we need to know

We have got right to know. Well, couple in. And why it happening as well? Maybe we don't understand why

Mm. Yeah, yeah. And so what's your What's your dream? Less

Um we're gonna a rating. Getting a writing stuff to be a waiter. You could be waiting

Is that what you want to do? You want to be a waiter? You get got N V. Q. I got B M V 2 11 to no one

Sorry. You've got an N v. Q

Brilliant. You go. You get to go and work now

No, not that I don't got no stop. I wanted at five service once a week, but that is it. Would you like to go and do some work? Yeah

Yeah. Is there any support for you to be able to do that? And I I can to look for stops and this port. Give me get 12 hours a day and I tunes when I won that support or not, but, um, yeah, they could help me if I wouldn't look for subs

They are happy to help me. Like what Matt says sort of stuffing. It can be really annoying at a time when stuff always found a shake sometimes like us with in our house

We like that. Yeah, they offset because they don't want to come into work. Oh, they just want

But sometimes you can't pat on over seven notice in the house of stopping a pants on staff. And it also impact on seven. Because what we plan may have things

Yeah, and I think it's unfair saying by this stops by this man can't do it because of the stuff? Because he was getting a I vote. Which sort of stuff when it isn't? Uh huh. Need to get more stuff in and by them

More to come in. Or that then Okay. Yeah, we can do it, but we got that

Could go. Mhm. Management needs to come in help as well

If they if we are short and on call, need to be better. They can't get no help. Then they need to be hands on

Mhm. Yeah, that's that's hard. Is there anything else you want to say? Yes, right? No

Maybe I should just stop this for a minute and.

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