That email I should have replied to, from the very nice lady who interviewed me for a community radio station, well I never did. It has been on my mind (and in my eye every time I log on). But I wanted to wait for the right time.
This morning a letter arrives. It is to be signed for, but the postman just puts it through the letter box, because maybe he thinks I am a monster in the mornings. Now why should I think he should think that?
I am ready to go to work. The phone rings. I answer it. It is a useful call. But now I am late. Is there a pattern emerging?
Fortunately the person I am meant to meet is also late. He comes in for the meeting, says "Can you squeeze me in for a quick one?" I do not answer. I do squeeze him in, and it isn't so quick. And after he leaves, I dwell on the inuendo. How I laughed.
And now home once again, I open the letter. It says "enclosed is your interview (on CD). I am sorry we were not able to broadcast it on air as our server closed down. As a result of this, so has our Radio Station. I am in the process of trying to find a job at another comunity radio station so maybe I will be able to broadcast your interview then. Did I laugh? No. Well, yes actually.

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