Using social media is a relatively cheap source of entertainment, and may aid well being, however how many people on low income can afford a smart phone, buy computing equipment, pay for an internet provider etc. My annual 'pay rise', this year £2.04, won't go too far towards paying for any of them.

I was able to use work and public library computers to pick up emails and the odd internet surf, only investing in a laptop two years ago. In an idle moment I created a Twitter account but never really saw how useful it was, and how many passwords can you remember and remain sane? Anyway as part of a Current Issues course I'm taking, it was suggested that Twitter was a useful resource, so.....I've started tweeting again! perhaps this time I will get to grips with it! safe is it? within a short few days I received one unpleasant message and a 'web attack', I thought I had chosen to follow reputable people and sites, I've had some supportive feedback too, nothing quite like someone valuing your opinion, even when they don't agree! for giving a buzz,...stimulates discussion, so necessary when you are temporarily or permanently housebound.

Perhaps a Dropbox or a MOOC will be my next free venture in keeping me well?
that old rocking chair and knitting needles looks tempting though.

A real and Facebook friend 'liked' this Leeds Forum, it's got lot's of information, events and news about Leeds.

armchair reporter!

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