This a true account of my journey of discovery, growing up in England specifically Manchester through 70s until the present.
Experiencing everything that this country has to offer. Fashion, Music, Football, Drugs and Racism.
I hope that my story will give you an idea of life through my eyes.
So read on and join me on this journey of questions & answers.
You never know it might inspire you to write something.
This book is for friends straight out of Longsight M13 and especially for those who no longer have a voice.
Marjorie Robinson
Jeffrey Campbell
Now then , my name is David George Robinson; some people will know me and some will not. I am not anyone special, not a sports star, film star, muscian, blinged up rap star, or in the media in any shape or form. I am just a straight up person who wants to express from the heart my views,opinions, and experiences about growing up in Britain specifically in a city called Manchester.
I'm just an everyday Black Guy but to some of my brothers and sisters I may come across like a Bounty Bar because I've intergrated to fully into society. Some sections of my community would say this is not the done thing.(Prefer to eat Dairy Milk myself).
This book is not going to be another Moss Side Massive, Gang Wars or any of those genres you might be expecting. I think Manchester has alot more to offer than that.
Yeah I know hooligans, blaggers, ticket touts, grafters, gangsters, all types of lads and reenies. And it would be quite easy for me to write a book full of blags, drop a few well know names in the fray, and mention the amount of times i've had it with West Hams notorious hooligans, the Inter City Firm.
When most straight members think of football hooliganism I would presume that the first thing that comes into their heads is mindless thugs, and at one time they may have been right. However, fom the 1980s onwards it was different, no more platform shoes and flared pants with pockets at the side, shit v-neck jumpers covering shirts with collars wider than Concord, crap haircuts and pork chop side burns. This was smart organised, clued up hooligans.
The fans who really epitomised this was West Ham aka The Inter-City Firm (ICF), not only were they the alleged the main firm in London but also throughout the country. Their status was somewhat taken to another level due to a documentry about them, that followed them in action and also allowed some of their main lads to talk candidly about their reasons for being involved in that world.
Me and my mate Andrew watched it and we were both riveted by it , not because we did not have a clue about them or the whole football life, we had seen them plenty of times in Manchester. It was because documentaries like that were not shown on terrestrial TV.
One of the main lads from the ICF is now a respected Hooliologist, a best selling author and a major movie has been made about his life,(Not bad for a mindless thug).

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