Joanne’s Story on her experience using health services in the Black Country 

Joe, can you tell me what's it like to book an appointment at your GP? Um, not good, but it's been a nightmare. Can't get appointments here. You need them. And if you if you if if, if

If the call. So they always on his answer machine. And, um, my dad once and at the eye appointment on the phone

And, um, that's the appointment on the phone is a good idea. Good help. Is he? Can you tell me how easy is it to get to the hospital? If you needed to go to the hospital? Not very easy parking spaces and car parking charges and stuff like that

It's a bit of a nightmare as well. I can Parking Nightmare. OK, And last question, Jo, what's it like to get a prescription to go to the chemist and get a prescription? Um, um, that's a really a nightmare as well

Cos you have to have to go through them for cheating all the time and Yeah, OK, thank you so much, sir. Hm.

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