Maryam talks about their experience being an #iWill ambassador and engaging with social action

so I'm a and I'm going to be interviewing you today. What is your name? Hi. I'm nice to meet you. So I just wanna ask you a few questions about your social action and my first question being, Uh, well, how did your social action start and what made you start to do it? So I was So I make this programme started, and after that, my inspiration is I want people like me like the youth to go on these kind of topics that are affecting our earth and where we live

Um, such as climate change, Islamophobia politics are much more. So what would you say? Like, how have you been campaigning for all this stuff? So I've been campaigning by social media and talking to people who are in power to try to change things. Um, would you say that social media or, um, talking to people in power is more effective? Which one do you think has been more effective for you, but do you think social media is a bit more the other one? Because you can reach more people

You never know who's going to, uh, benefit from what you're changing to. So What do you post on your social media trying to campaign? So been campaigning on climate change or Islamophobia politics and, uh, international History Month while hijab um, can we talk a bit more about the Islam? Is, um is Muslim? Um, Are you trying to bring that to the UK or something? Because I have never heard of it. Is that so? Yes, I am, because I think it's already a month in the US States

So I've been trying to bring it to the UK so that the UK can benefit from what the Muslims we have been doing for the past few centuries. What made you want to start campaigning for this month? I've been wanting to campaign for this because I think, uh, our country should be knowing about what we have done and rather than, um, bad things which have been going around everywhere and rather focus on the good things that we have in each other. Yeah, I've seen a lot on the news about Is a Muslim is getting a bad representative

So is that what you're trying to fix with this? And also a good world hijab day trying to change the like the way people see the hijab. Yes. I'm trying to, uh, change the bad representation of Muslims and everyone

Not just Muslims. Any kind of bad things that happens to anyone. Um, that shouldn't happen

So are you trying to campaign for, like, minorities who get, like, um, stereotyped for one person's wrongdoing? Are you trying to fight against those stereotypes? Exactly. That's very good. Um, where would you like to see yourself in a few years? Time

And for me, I would Or like we have done and try to make them change the problems because the youth can change the problems. The youth can have bright ideas, just like everyone has. And hopefully that's how I see myself in the future

And how do you think you're gonna get there? I think I'm gonna get there by, um, by spreading, Uh, what? Spreading my message everywhere. And hopefully we're trying to reach them and find different, kind of, um, kind of problem, but still, and then we try and try and try again. It may come as not as the hard to buy these

Well, that's amazing. Is there anything else you would like to add or anything to, um say to anyone to encourage them to do social action. Well, I think I'm attempting to find your passion and try to spread the word

Whatever opportunity comes away to Rabbit. Uh, if it relates to you and always stay passionate about yourself Anything else you'd like to ask? No, thank you very much. OK? It was lovely to be here

Thank you very much..

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