The storyteller speaks about the support they have received from a worker at Fusion Housing as part of the Bridges project with KBOP.

So can you tell me a little bit about the support that you receive from fusion housing? Well, yeah. Um, I can't I can't even remember how long she's she's been with me for, but, um, she's been through a difficult time in my life. Um, but she helped, um, get my life back in order. Basically, um, she helped me get all my, um, finances started, um, paid bills and stuff that that I hadn't paid

Um, she she's just been amazing. Um, helped with a lot of stuff. Um, I was I was an alcoholic when she first came into my life, and I lost my Children

Um, they went into care for a year. Um, and she's just been there ever since. She's just helped me through it, you know

Um, yes, it's been amazing. Really helped me get back on my feet. I've got, um I've moved

Now I got all my Children back. That's brilliant. Um, so yeah, it's It's she's She's been, um she's been fantastic for a lot of stuff

And have you have you received support from like any other organisations before? Um, I just don't think Well, I've now. I've got I've got my social worker from the support workers. Um, I did a bit of time down at the basement in, um for me Drinking

Um, I've been two years, so but now, well done. So, yeah. And how how does the support that you've received from fusion compare to other support that you've received? Is there anything anything different? I'm not sure

I mean, I was checking in, Um, you know, she text me quite a bit, um, and just help me with because obviously we've moved into a three bedroom. Um, and she just helped me. So all my bills out, she rings people for me

Um, you know, she's explained a lot of stuff that I couldn't really go into. You know, she's just really helpful. Everything

Um so I'm not in no debt anymore. Um, things is getting paid. Um, so yeah, it's just it's but it's really nice to live like this now, like maybe two years ago

That's brilliant. And is is there anything else that you'd like to say? Um, no, it's just it's just without the help. I probably you know, it's there's been so many different Els, which has really helped me in this two years, It's just been it's been help to start with

Um, Obviously, I've come out the other side, and I'm a stronger person helping with me. Um, what else the help with? I think she's got in touch with me. Family support work to get some volunteering done now

So I'm gonna do some to do some volunteering and get back to work eventually, which would be really nice. Yeah. What sort of volunteering do you want to get into it

So I've got, um, a lady in next week, Week after, um, to do some to go into detail of what I'm gonna do what I want to do. Um, and then start from there, Do some volunteering. That's amazing

Yeah, real best. Definitely. I need something for myself

Now. I just be concentrating on getting myself better Get my girls home and one thing or another sometimes for me. Now I want to I want I really struggled at school and stuff

I never really had a good job. I mean, I struggled for a lot of years. It would be nice to Yeah, to find something that I enjoy doing myself

Yeah, it'll be. It'll be amazing. I think volunteering is such a rewarding thing to get involved with

And if it's something that you're passionate about as well, I think you love it. I love it. One thing I wanted to do, but I just never got into it

So, yeah, if I've got that chance now, I'm I would take it and sounds great. It's good that they've been able to help you to to get linked in with that. So good luck

Best of luck with it. Thank you. Looking forward to it

Is there anything else you wanna say before we finish? Um, no, I don't think so. It's just it just be a great help. Absolutely amazing


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