• How is the cost of living affecting you?

A person discusses how the cost of living is affecting them?

if you could just introduce yourself to start. I'm Louise Taylor and Louis. How is the cost of living affecting you really bad. Obviously, I have to pay to go and see my Children so that to leave, I'll struggle really bad, and I have to rely on food parcels a lot

And is that something you get, like an asses? Slowly? Yeah, every other week. And is there anything in particular that's that's made it stressful? It's made it worse. Everything's gone off, even the bus, like not the bus, fares far

I have to go and see my kids so that that cost more. I've got my kids, the electrics gone on. I just can't live

And are you having to get rid of some things or stop paying for some things? I'll just beg and borrow all the time, and then when I get paid, I've got to pay it back because I'm short again. I'm begging to borrow again. Every month I find all my jewellery to survive

What would you like to see happen? Changes things to go back down the way the bars or the money go up to help us live and.

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