• How is the cost of living affecting you?

A person discusses how the cost of living is affecting them.

so if you could just introduce yourself for me. I'm Susan Cough. And how are you finding the cost of living at the moment, Susan? Awful, awful. Um, just not coping

You know, places like this. God send what sort of effect is that having on your life? Um, dramatic effect. You're having to, I guess

Cut back on. Oh, yeah. Cut back

Got no money, You know, it all goes on. Deal wasn't so Yeah. So what would you What would you like to see happen? What do you think should be done? Um, I don't know, stop these strikes and stuff and get on with living

You know, I'm never really given it a thought, but, you know, you just go over with it. Don't you just go with the flow. And do you think there is enough help available? Yes, but if you haven't got if you can't, If you can't get the help, you got your book

Anyway, If you're above that line, you can't get any help. So you have to do what you have to do. Sell your body or something like that

No. Only joking blood. He may not give him blood

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