• How is the cost of living affecting you?

A person tells us how the cost of living crisis is affecting him.

so we just start. If you could just introduce yourself for me. My name is Brian Perry. I'm a 67 year old senior citizen, and we're talking for this about sort of finances and the cost of living

How is it affecting you? It's affecting us because, um, my wife being a few years younger than me, uh, she won't get a state pension for another five years. So it's like trying to keep two people on one pension, so it's got even worse. Have you noticed anywhere in particular that the sort of effects are? Well, definitely food prices? Um, that's a problem

Uh, fortunately, uh, at the moment, my son is living at home because he's working from home. So if there's an emergency, he's able to step up. What do you think should be done to make things? Well, I think the decision to take this £67 a month away from people, um, you know, towards the energy bills is a problem, because it's we never knew that it was going to stop, because I know it would

Technically, it's warmer now, but like most people, we're thinking well, how we're gonna cope next winter. If you I guess if you could say something to people that make the decision, what would you say? I would say I would say You've got to be more more fairer because you I know you're supporting the people who are on universal creeds at the bottom end of the scale, but there's a lot of us in the middle part of the scale who don't qualify for anything, and it's really tough.

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