• Mateusz Majchrzak Talks

The storyteller talks about their experience accessing supported living accommodation. 

you can start right now. Yes. Cool. Ok, so could you tell me about the most significant change your accommodation has made in your life? OK, so so, Yeah, I'm glad, because, uh, I can feel much more safety, you know, secure

Uh, and, uh, I, like, operate with Nia. So I have no complaints, and yeah, I think my mood is, uh, now I can feel much more better. I guess so

If it's any problem, I can talk with Seth, for example. Yeah, So I can call to him. And I know he has life experience

He has knowledge. Yeah. So, yeah, I can feel much more safety

And but But I'm still, you know, still, you know, lonely. Maybe. Maybe, you know? Yeah, because there's a new area, a new bottle, but yeah, I have no complaints

And yeah, no complaints. And yeah, I'm happy because you know the street. OK, Sometimes it's like freedom

Yeah, for for for example. It's like, but it's like, actually, it's not freedom. Like plastic freedom

Yeah, because, uh, uh, actually, you have nothing. You just only your problems. Sometimes

Physical problems, sometimes mental problems that are both. Yeah, and there's a lot of drugs. Also, there's alcohol and everything

Like it's like a plastic fake. Yeah. So it's not real freedom

Uh, yeah. I need to you talk about, um, like Seth having experience and having knowledge about about we can talk about, like, colleagues. Yeah

So even if I have panic attacks, you know, many times maybe 1015 times. Yeah. So I got I got I had the problems

Yeah, I cannot breath. Yes. So I was alone inside the flat

Yeah, and I'm shy inside me. Yeah. So, uh, sometimes you I don't wanna talk to Emergen here, So if it's any problem so I can speak with set

Yeah, after 1015 minutes, Uh, sometimes five minutes is OK. Because I know there is somebody who who you know who is like, uh, yeah, maybe my friend even so looking out for you. Comfortable to speak with you? Exactly

So So, yeah, Now it's better because, uh, yeah, it's about security. So I'm I I'm safety now, I think, and, uh, nobody disturbed me as a nice area. Nice neighbours

I have no problem with anybody. I just with myself inside me, So yeah, so have you. You talk about having felt lonely and and feeling lonely? Yes

Sometimes. Sometimes. Yes

Because, you know, I have no family here. I guess so. So you need to talk sometimes, too

And, uh, how I can explain, uh, units, somebody, maybe who may? Yeah. Maybe the same life experience like you. Yeah

So because I I know yourself have experience because Because he worked with with the people, you know, from the street. Yeah, but But I think, if not experienced for the street, yes. So sometimes I can feel lonely because sometimes I can feel, you know, so nobody understands me

Yeah. So nobody can understand me. Yeah, but, uh, have you have you met anybody else? Um, like, through getting support from Macro

Have you met anyone else that has similar experiences to you other than Seth before I? I know. Also people from the San Bango, for example. Yeah, and actually, actually, yeah, actually, uh, yeah

First I start with San Mango Organisation. Yeah, and after San Mango. Yeah, I just I came here

Yeah, so Yeah, so also, I, I have no complaints here. And yeah, so at the moment, only Necro and yeah, so Yeah. And you think you'd you'd be open to, like, opportunities to meet other people that have been through similar experiences to you in, like, a in an environment like natural light where I work

But I also I want to change also myself. You know, I can try to control myself because we have problem here inside me, you know, because without this problems inside me, you know? Yeah, I've been understood because Yeah, it looks like psychosomatic. Yeah, It's like O CD anxiety and panic attacks

And and more and more and more. Yeah. So I cannot control my life

Yeah, so that was a little bit better, but oh, the problems and do natural help with, like, getting, I don't know, like counselling or any sort of support with the the psychosomatic symptoms that you talk about. Uh, yes, you know. So, yeah, I've been with sets

And of course, um I have GP. Yeah, and I talk to my GP and and Yeah, I can talk with mental health. Health NICS? Yes

Also if, uh, something like high up Yeah, like C BT, for example. Yeah, so yeah, but you know, I think the most important is I want to change myself. Yes, because everything is up to me

Yeah. So you know, so yeah. Yeah

Said, yeah. She helped me a lot. So and the connection and the shared the experience is like a massive thing in terms of how comfortable you feel talking to about my life experience

And sometimes I feel I need something like, um, natural adrenaline, you know, like sometimes not the life is, you know, the life on the cinema, you know? So, yeah. Is there anything else you'd like to talk about? Anything else you'd like to say? Maybe. Uh, I know one thing

You know, if if you want to change something, Yeah. So if you want to change your life, So first you need to change, you need to try change yourself. Yeah

And after, Yeah, you need to start cooperating with somebody. And so Yeah, some. Yeah, for example

Like not not your organisation. Yeah. So, uh, yeah, because if you are alone and, uh and you know your your mind, you know your mood

And, you know, there is, like, no health here. No help. You know, you have no plan, no future here

so you can You can go down, you know, and I don't know how I can explain because everything is inside me. And I'm shy. Yeah, but yeah

So the connection? Yeah, Yeah, but effects. So you need to. OK, so first the good plan and knowledge about your life experience, and you need to know, what do you want to change? And you need to start cooperating with somebody with any good charity organisation

And first you need to change yourself. So it's not easy. Yes

Sometimes you even you need to go for a psychotherapist, Yes, or psychologist to talk to somebody. But this is this is important. Yes, Because you need to feel safety

Because if you are alone, it's It's not easy, you know, it's it's very hard. So yeah. Anything else before we finish? Maybe

OK, maybe just Yeah, it's enough. Thank you very much. No problem


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