When I look at that woman my woman. From the first time I saw her. I knew I had found the woman I was meant to spend the rest of my life with. She appraised me with her eyes, those beautiful deep brown eyes she has. That smile she wore, that made me feel like I had just won the lottery, because she was smiling at me. Then she blushed, I watched her blush for me and I was smitten there and then. I knew that what I didn’t know about her I would spend the rest of my life getting to know. I was that sure of her.
If only I didn’t have to go to that meeting I would have told her that she would be in my life forever. Serendipity put the rest of our lives in her beautifully manicured hands. Then maybe it was a good thing because I might have frightened her off. Now all I have to do is wait for her to call me. I only hope she does.
She is the woman I have spent my life waiting for and I intent to make sure she knows. After this weekend, I have no doubt that I am having her in my life. I couldn’t believe what she did for me. That hotel was hot! We needn’t have come out of that room all weekend, in fact I was contemplating making them an offer for that room. Interior design like that is amazing. Of course the best feature was that Jacuzzi in the floor of the bedroom, what a novel idea and I will never forget it, especially not after she walked into it in that sheer dress, the print was pure animal desire. But how it clung to her when she walked into the water in it, lord I deed have mercy!
I know what heaven feels like now. She looked gorgeous and sweet and sexy and the fact that she was wearing something translucent and clingy, inviting. For a second there, I was completely at a loss of what to do because my base desire was to just hitch it up and take her there and then but I wanted to see what she had in mind. I praise the creator for my patience because when she walked up to me and pressed her sexy bottom against my penis, and leaned her head back on my shoulder, the scent of her perfume caressing my nostrils was my encouragement.
My hands took on a life of their own as they palmed her breasts like a heat seeking missile. Her smile enticed my lops to join hers in a kiss. My tongue stroking hers in the same way my fingers were fondling her nipples. As a rare trait in men, by necessity I had to multi task. I pulled my arm across her breast so I was in contact with both. I used my other hand to take her temperature because I was unsure how long I had before I demonstrate my need for her. The way she was manipulating her butt on my front was like a pole dancer and I was definitely going to be her pole.
As I slowly edged my fingers upwards on her thigh, the water became hot as if we were the elements and this kettle was boiling. The noise she made as my finger stroked her core, was my signal, I lifted up the dress and filled her in one motion. Holding a breast in each hand I contemplated the fact that I was in heaven. I assume we were there together, judging by the purrs that escaped from her lips. We were definitely in the synchronicity with one another. She continued to whine her hips on my thighs pushing me closer to the edge. My body was overloaded with wonderful sensations and I could feel myself losing control. I was frightened I was going to be addicted to this woman, cause I definitely wanted to do this again and I hadn’t even finished yet.
It was all I could do to lick the salty water off her back, her moans of pleasure telling me she was enjoying this as much as I was. I was not yet able to move, sensations still alight in my body. I had never met a woman like this one in my life.

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