Salford is unwell. Roughly 4 people per day in this city will die from preventable diseases. So what do we do about it? Well, Salford Healthy Communities Collaborative believe that the way to change peoples lifestyles is by the community itself making the change and raising awareness.


Down at St Aiden’s Church I walk into a bustling, excited and energetic crowd of people with big paper and big ideas. The question is simple: What needs improving in your area? Answers are varied: Low morale of young people, the communities health, the smell of the dump and our health.


The aim of these sessions is for the HCC to create local teams of volunteers to help spread the message to people about Cancer and Heart Disease. Once the teams have been created, and they have gone through some training, they will be out on the street raising awareness in the communities they know. Tom, a local resident was intrigued about the event today; “I’ve had health issues that have recently been resolved. But round here, when you get to 70, it’s like you walk with a coffin on your back. I’d heard it was bad round here but not as bad as it is.”


The teams are being put together as we speak so watch out over the coming months as volunteers spread the word about health in Salford!


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