Graham's view on Tile Hill and growing up and living in the area

thank you for being agreeing to be interviewed today. Can you just tell me a bit about what you do in Ty Hill and what you think of the area? Yeah, Well, basically, um, I've lived in Tyler, uh, since 1956. Other than a few years, Um, I was when my wife and I got married and then returned back to, and we purchased our current property in a I was actually born in El Tree Anu, which was the home of my grandmother. And then we now live in Avenue, which I moved to at the age of 12, uh, with my parents

But unfortunately, my my parents divorced, separated, etcetera, and sadly, both have both passed away. So when my father passed away, it became obvious that because there was no will, et cetera, something had to be sorted out with the estate. Hence being the oldest of three siblings, it was left to me

So my wife and I, um, we've been married 49 years this coming November had to make a decision on the on the property. So we we went and bought it. That sounds good

So obviously, having lived here for nearly 70 years roughly. You've obviously seen a lot of changes in the area. Do you think that for the good or bad or the age? Uh, I think I think it's like in any society

OK, you see, the the issues with with regard to Coventry as a whole. But I remember because I lived down cresol close as well for a number of years. Um, and obviously that's where they had the big the big fields, which are now taken over by, uh, the the college et cetera, and also housing the the police Academy used to be based there years and years ago

I used to work in Tyle Hill for a number of years just off to you for 28 years, but had to then leave in on health grounds. Um, but it's there's obviously, you know, you still got the library. You still got the the shopping centre up Jane Crescent

My wife and Children went to the went to the schools in the area, uh, both at infant level. Uh, I templers then my son went to woodlands and obviously went on, and my girls went on to, um uh to the old the old to which is set for demolition in the next next few weeks to become West Co. Academy

So what do you think? The That's obviously the positive. Do you think there's a good community spirit in the area? Or do you think over the years it's become this dissipated? I think, with being enabled watch coordinators as well there is a lot of links. Um, between the West Midland Police, for example

Um, obviously in street watch as well. Speed watch, which which is unfortunately, you know, becoming increasingly, um, demanding that there is a lot more communications on social media wise for for the for the residents. So obviously we got you're saying about how we get information out through social media

Do you think there's any other way we could apart from the social media? Can you think of any other way? Because I understand you're involved in community radio at the hospital and things like, Do you think it was something that we could work around the entire hill? Be it a radio or like a newsletter or something? Because, like you said, for all those that haven't got access to the Internet, I must admit when I I used to, as I say, I would used to be in the what's called the coach and trees. That was obviously the top end of lane, Uh, or all the trees and the coats. Um, and we used to actually do a regular newsletter, which was, um, obviously, uh, set set up by by a group who then would like you could self has said already

If people aren't on the Internet, they would see a activities IE, um, you know, the Christmas float. And obviously and that and from that, charities would be chosen by, say, a committee of, um who who the actual money would go to. So we used to do, uh, char a charity Christmas run, for example

And a lot of support came from the the Newlands. Just based up on so community wise, you find that that area of the city area of hill has got quite a good community spirit anyway. Yeah, Yeah, but, um not so much a point

I was putting it across. Give me a minute, and then this would happen. Fucking idiot

Hello? Can I ring you back in a minute, love? Ok, thank you. Thank you. Yeah, we were just talking about in the coats and trees area

That's that's right. That's right. Um, because obviously, um, they they've got a They've got their own, um, board, for example, of where Anything that's going on

Where I got the bus this morning, for example. Um, there's no is that if you're going on a holiday, you know, um, dos dos mainly, you know, closing your windows, letting your neighbours know basically on a on a, you know, security sort of basis. You know, let your neighbours know so that they can pop in

And it's something that, um I know down in, for example, even in my my small area that, you know, or we're going away next week, keep an eye out or or in parcels. You know, I've just had a private temple where I've had a delivery safely delivered to the, um, to the householder. Where's the safe delivery? Because me and the wife came out at the same time because she's got one way and I've got the other

Where's the safe delivery left on my doorstep? Things things that I could I could actually ring up. Um, my neighbour and say, Can you take it in? And that's what I do because there's a community spirit in the area. That's right

Do you think that's lacking in other parts of of Hill? Generally, I I'll be perfectly honest. I don't know about other areas of Tyler with with not being being in there. But it's something that I've It's always gone on in my in my Like I say I

I moved to, uh, roughly 54 years ago when I was 12 years of age, and then from that, you know, the neighbours at the time used to be. Yeah, I used to come home from holidays back from holidays from my fence painted with, uh, oil and things like that. Uh, if we especially since the beans, for example, um I

I put my neighbours out. I put the ladies across the road out. That's that's with three different tenants

Or, you know, owners that something that the previous owner something that's continued regardless of who the people are and then if we hear of because I'm registered with WN, the West Midlands police. If there's issues of antisocial behaviour or things like that, you're able to then communicate to the West Police or even the local councillor. We've had many occasions where I don't know

The council is. Is it Marcus? Right? For example, we've had issues in the area where, whether it's abandoned cars, um, whether it's antisocial behaviour, graffiti straight away. Um, I I've contacted Marcus, and he's then been able to, um, you know, go back to the local authorities

Whichever, um, I get regular reports from from a daughter if the travellers, for example, OK, Marcus is so my daughter will let me know. I then contact Marcus because he he's responsible for Doma Harris. Yeah

So there's an issue like that and then it's all handled or or you feel like the local councils do work for the area, then Oh, yes. OK, I think that OK, thank you for your help today.

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