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Naomy talks about her experience once she graduated a year ago. She started working for M&S as a temp, then worked in a variety of part-time admin roles. She eventually got a 'graduate' admin job for which you required a 2:1, but realised the job was falsely advertised as she ended up solely making the tea and downloading emails. She was consistently applying for numerous Arts jobs without success, eventually applying for Teach  First which she will start next year. 

Naomy has always been keen to work in the Arts but feels that it was maybe unrealistic to expect this to happen straight away. She talks about one of three main challenges as being lack of experience and no one willing to give her that experience. She mentions the Creative Employment Scheme for which the criteria involves being on Jobseeker's Allowance for 6-12 months. She felt this was "ridiculous" as the scheme would be perfect for graduates. She found keeping motivated difficult as previously she had always had a plan due to to the next step of education, and now found herself without one. She says her biggest challenge is recognising that a plan will develop and she has to focus more on the present instead of worrying about what will come in the future.

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