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Louis graduated with a degree in English in 2011 and spent the summer after graduation cycling around Scandinavia. Once he returned he got a job fitting solar panels for 8 months. He was always interested in building and decided to see what would come of an e-mail to an architect whose work he really admired. After a second e-mail, he received a reply and went to work with the architect in the United States where he learnt the basic building blocks of architecture.

On coming back to the UK, he set up his own business to try to duplicate the work here but on a smaller scale, managing to sell one of his buildings. During this time he received an e-mail about the MBA course at the University of Manchester, which he decided to do mainly because a friend of his had done it a few years previously and it changed his life. He applied and received a scholarship, so this is what he is currently doing. He was not particularly surprised by graduate life but definitely surprised by where he got to, since he never expected to be taking a Business degree! 

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