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James describes his move from Manchester to Rennes in France after graduating from his Fine Art Degree. Immediately after graduating, he returned to live with his parents in Bradford and was on Jobseeker’s Allowance for a month. He spent this month looking for short-term jobs in art and working on a painting. In September, he moved to Rennes with his French girlfriend.

He initially did a job he really didn’t enjoy – babysitting for a wealthy family – and lived on a ‘depressing’ street for 6 months. Moving to a new country and not knowing what to do after graduating was difficult; he remembers everyone at university having the same conversation months before graduating: ‘The end is near, what are we going to do now?’ 

Eventually he got a job teaching in a primary school, and found that he really liked teaching English. He took another qualification to help teach English and also got a position teaching in the art school there. He doesn’t know if he’ll continue teaching forever, but for the moment he considers himself really lucky since he doesn’t really regard his job as ‘work’.  

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