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Beth graduated in 2012 with a lot of big ideas. She soon left her job as a waitress and started working at New Economy. Whilst working here she started up an arts venture and a media and communications consultancy, which she ran with a friend. After leaving New Economy she worked for a social enterprise network for Greater Manchester before moving on to a position at UpRising, running a leadership project in Rochdale called Find Your Power. 

Beth is now working as Programme Manager of the Salford office of the Rio Ferdinand Foundation. She describes how she feels she has overcome her challenge of how to move her projects from ideas to reality, but feels her biggest problem now is having people who don't believe in her because of her age and gender. She has recently started a new venture, PlatformMCR, which encourages peer-to-peer development support. This is something she considers to be vital for young people in order to prevent them from getting caught up in professional 'siloes' or one way of doing things once they start a job. 

She mentions being most proud of the little achievements - such as carving a great Halloween pumpkin! 


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