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Aurore first came to Manchester in 2009, where she took her final year of her BA as an Erasmus student. She ended up staying in the UK because of meeting her English boyfriend, and took her 2-year Master's course with the Universite de Rennes as a distance learner. This was difficult for her because she was always staying at home, taking her classes online, and she felt as though her teachers didn't really know her since they didn't communicate face-to-face. She felt better in her 2nd year because she began to do some voluntary work with the People's History Museum and got out of the house more.

She moved back to Rennes in France after these 3 years and took a further Master's degree that focused on teaching English, whilst also doing a series of national competitive exams to become a teacher. This was incredibly challenging but she always felt supported by her family, friends and boyfriend. She passed the final competitive exam this summer and is going on to start her "first real job" in September as an English teacher. 


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