Talking about using Longford Park.

Good morning. Thanks for stopping. Um, so do you. Do you use one for Yes

We use it quite frequently. All right. And, um do you enjoy it? Yes, we like it

What do you enjoy about? It's a nice open space. We like the animal because of the Children. A little

And they like going in the play as well. Brilliant. Um, have you been using it for a long time? Yes, we have

But we've lived in Stretford for 15 years, so yeah, over that period, you know, noticed any changes in the park that? Not really. I can't say that I have. I can't say that

I've noticed many changes. I think that they may be the the the play. You know, the play near first up there

I think that might have been, um, improved. Oh, and then they've opened the cafe. Haven't they as well? It's a little bit expensive to be occasionally

Um, if there was to be any improvements in the park, what would you like to see? Well, maybe a slight improvement in the Children's play area. Like, say, maybe, I don't know, just needing it, not maybe some more flowers and different trees, maybe. Or something like that

I mean, it's pretty nice as it is, to be honest. So they've been improvement. Maybe like the tennis court bits there, something like that

Brilliant. Thank you very much. Is there anything else you'd like to add? No

It's just a really nice space to get together. Yeah, lovely. Thank you


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