A Community Reporter shares her first time experience landing in the UK.

Good morning, Chris. Here. I'm Goodell, and I would like to ask you a few questions about what was the experience when you landed here in the UK for the first time. Hard

So it was something, you know, a mess of feeling. I was just excited to, you know, to know if very new country for me, uh, to get out of my country and, you know, to make new places, new people. But at the same time, I was afraid because I came here to, you know, looking for asylum

So I knew I had to say to, you know, to the person who received me on the airport reception, So it was kind of I was in the Davis because I knew I have to ask for asylum to them. But when I first start seeing all happy faces and everybody was, you know, just even though they were stressed, you know, queuing to see the, um the police if they were there in the airport. But everyone was happy to be here because I think everything everyone was happy to make this country a different country

The very beginning was, you know, a little bit challenging for us for our Children because, uh, we came from a Salvador, and it is so far from here. It was more than 11 hours in the plane, um, buying. So it was, you know, I was tired, but I was happy to help if that was because I was just looking, you know, safe from my family

And I feel safe when I came here because, you know, everybody give me really Well, activity was, you know, everybody was asking if we already have food if we want to bring something. And it was nice for me, I think, um, everything was good, because I really knew that it will not be easy. Um, it was some of some of the part of the interview was difficult because, you know, they made the system for you to feel that it's not good to think

At the very beginning. I feel like they want you to think that you have to go back to your country. That's what they make me feel

That you know, you will not be staying here because you know, every country has problems with the security. Everyone can, you know, treat you back here as well as in your country. But I said to them, No, I came here looking for something else

I think good things can happen to me here. So I will stay and I will act to excitement. That is basically just a little bit about the beginning of my history

And thank you, Chris here for sharing and taking the time out to share the story..

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