Ok, this is a first draft & very rough, but I guess I gotta come with some kinda praise poem...
They don't realise
but one day, prisoners all over the world will
tell yr tale,
greater than the Signifying Monkey,
they will roll out rhapsodies
& rollicking
hip]hop ballads
to yr forked tongue
& cunning design,
he who carries death in his pocket/
who hides smoke in his shit/
who lifts millions in his underpants/
Spliff like a log, yr head in a cloud
ancestors hang around yr shoulders
like smoke,
white agbada of aso oke.
No animal wears that skin
Akuba (Oranyon)
Oh egungun in straw mask expanding infinite heads,
terrifying liars & cheats & snakes & crocodiles,
animals in human skin
with their swiss bank billions infamy
they got it infamy
they think
one touch can kill your billions
just like that just like that just like that
Run from Fela run!
Akuba (Oranyon)
Ride the organ under your fingers preaches truth
Yr sax blurts & farts & screeches truth.
The buzz saw zzzzzzzzzz in yr throat tears lies from the air
& teaches truth.
Phat & fresh green smoking truth.
No animals in yr skin.
Sweat balls your forehead as you spin & stamp the demons
in their limousines.
Never tire of baiting words
Yab dem Fela yab dem
Never sell out!
Never a saint!
What use to people
a man without sin?
Better yr flawed arrogance
the flayed beauty of truth,
a dirty concrete block hewn into a staff of Oranyan,
a purple plastic cup with yr face stencilled black
expensive stench,
a night of sweat & rain, this man gave up the funk
every night
for 30 years
Akuba (Oranyan)

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