As I allowed him to lead the way into his house. I realised that now was going to be the time that we were going to unite. When I left home this morning I thought we were just going to spend the day together. The way the
His hand reached over and cupped my chin forcing me to look deeply into his eyes. I searched his eyes for the answers to the questions my heart wandered, his response was to cover my lips with his. I reached to wrap my arms around him to bring his body closer to mine. He changed the dynamic by pulling me to sit on his knee.
I followed his lead, leaning into him just breathing his breath our nose and lips touching but not kissing. His face was in my hands as I pull him to face me. I look into his eyes and find him staring intently into mine. I continue to look into his eyes, confidently, knowing this man is feeling me, our hearts are beating in the same rhythm.
I pull him towards me and just hold him close to me, so close. We mirror each other. I am meditating with him, on him into him. Words have no place between us, we communicate through our silence. I inhale him, the aroma of him.
Like the dance of nature, we automatically begin to flow. His lips search for mine, finding them, he begins to take me on a voyage out of myself. I am familiarising myself with his mouth as I feel his hands meander down my body slowly stroking me, igniting a desire that I have never felt before.
His finger brushes my nipple, feeling like an electric current. He pinches it before he allows it to write his name on his palm and rubbing and gently squeezing it. Both hands now, his mouth meandering down my body. He lifts my blouse over my head, losing contact for a nano second, but he soon reconnects.
My hands are like a blind person reading Braille, as I read his commitment to his body. Hard muscles, connected to soft body. I know he is ready for me. I disconnect form him momentarily to remove my jeans, giving him a peep show as I slowly side them down wiggling my bottom. He connects to me again walking behind me palming my breasts pulling me against him.
His hand makes a slow journey past my stomach slowly, causing my breathing to catch as I anticipate his next move. I suddenly realised I was not breathing as I felt his hand make a path into my vagina. I could feel his penis getting harder as it pushed me away, he pulled me to face him.
The kiss is deeper, his tongue matching the way is stroking my vagina, exploring me in entirety. I match the caress with ones of my own on his distended penis. I am ready for him as he picks me up and balances my ass on a cupboard and steps between my legs and slowly enters me. The size compared to mine, but I soon accommodate. We get a rhythm going and its like we are dancing. His natural rhythm matches mine as he pushes himself in and out of me, allowing his penis to stroke the edge of my vagina and then slamming me.
I manoeuvre myself so that I am keeping him connected to me, sucking him into my universe. I can feel a build up of my orgasm and I call out his name. He is pumping faster in me now, kissing me with a ferocity. Breathing heavily. I feel my orgasm begin within an cover the entirety of my body, everything tingles as my heat extends to the tips of me. I feel him shudder as it extends up and from his body. We hold hands as he trembles within me. He pulls me to him, melding our bodies.

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