GM - stories from Trafford residents about their experiences of attending GP surgeries

hi ads. So I'm gonna ask you how have your experiences been in the last 6 to 12 months with your GP? Um, right with my GP. Well, obviously, with covid and everything, it's been a bit different. It's not the same as normal, but, um, it's definitely not as easy to contact your GP because obviously you have to do it over a website online and stuff like that

You can't just walk in for an appointment anymore. So yeah, it's been a bit difficult, really booking an appointment mark, But, um, obviously, actually, going into hospital and everything, it's like it's it's It's just that different because obviously you have to distance. You have to wear masks

Everyone's always got a mask on in hospital. So do you feel like wearing a face mask has prevented you from going to the hospital or going to your GP surgery? Because you have to wear this mask? Um, of course, it hasn't prevented me at all, but, uh, being a a deaf person, I I rely on lip reading most of the time to make sense of what people say. So obviously that's a big, big difficulty for me, with everyone wearing masks because you can't see the mouth move

That's fantastic. Thank you, Adam.

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